Timescenery is online geo platform that offers a new way to organize your trips and personal time. Ecosystem for sharing experience and impressions among the people worldwide. Social trip plans, "The Wisdom of Crowds", – in a format easy to repeat for everyone.

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Explore the world
Manage time
Plan routes
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All trips and day-to-day plans in one application

Everything you need for active life, travel and bright impressions.
Explore the world with us
The best vegetarian restaurant?
A park with squirells near your hotel?
Contemporary art museum?
Exploring neighborhoods of any place on the map is now easy and exciting!
Staying in unique places, having tasty meals, finding hidden gems of the planet even in your hometown is easy for everyone.
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Manage your time with pleasure
Never forget any detail without memorizing? Fill the day with impressions without effort?
Flight, hotel check-in, walk, dinner – all ideas, plans and routes shown visually and in detail.
Use daylight hours to the maximum, consider local time, weather and travel time – easy!
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Plan routes with no needless efforts
Road trips, city walks, public transport – optimal routes immediately on the map.
Tired of comparing numbers? Convenient flights and long layovers are more intuitive with graphic charts.
Routes in your timetable will help you not to be late for a meeting in a hometown or on a business trip.
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Book services on one website
Reliable suppliers and information providers. Carefully selected and presented together.
The only thing to do - just choose among the best offers that suit you best.
Booking is easy, confirmations are always at hand – saving time, energy and money.
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Dream Journey
Had a dream to celebrate daughter's birthday in Disneyland. Planned, booked all services, made the dream come true and visited other amazing places at one.
Road Adventure
German Alpine road in three days? Plateau above the clouds with panoramic view over volcano which even Google couldn't find? A car gave me a new level of freedom in my journey!
Budget Trip
Always dreamed of visiting Cote d'-Azur. Never thought it could be a budget trip! Moreover, found magic places with no tourists at all.
Long Layover
A long layover occured in a European capital. Spent an unforgettable day in a new city and enriched impressions of the journey!
Weekend in Hometown
Was thinking about the weekend. Planned an interesting walking route, picked an art gallery to visit and a new restaurant to have dinner with friends.
Business Meetings
Picked a cafe with Wi-Fi in a good area to meet business partners, got exact address and optimal route, saved it in my timetable – I am never late any more.
New approach to travel, leisure, personal and business time management. Ecosystem for creating unique impressions and sharing priceless experience.
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